Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And The Beat Goes On...........

It's been nearly a week since Ash Wednesday. I haven't gone into FB and do miss snooping into others days and adventures, BUT as I suspected it is a huge waste of time. I have found much better uses of those precious moment and surprise....I have found more ways to waste it.

I have washed the dining room windows and curtains. Cleaned out a corner in the kitchen, you know the shelves that collect strange pieces of clutter. Little cups that are meant for decoration but end up filling with tiny things. I am a surface girl. My house shows it, on the outside is pretty neat, a bit hairy but overall not too bad. But in the cupboards, end tables, drawers and closets it's another story. In any given drawer there is a collection of strange things. Example an end table in the front room. Open the door and there are a hand full of pens, a headless pilgrim (head there, but slightly chewed up by a dog) 9 or so votive holders, poker chips and there is more that's just what can be seen. Close the door, quick and do it another day.

After closing the door I notice my Rockband guitar. It hasn't been played much well since the arrival of FB. So I pick it up, turn it on and for the next hour I play that. Then I design my Rock chick wannabe. Funny how the distracted mind works. I feel a a connection with my 13 month old Grandson Travis. "Oh this is neat, hey what's that, there's something different".

And so it goes on, the beat that is........I really don't think there is much hope for me. I can and will find new and exciting ways to spend my time. It's frustrating BUT it sure is fun.......

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It is the 2nd official day of Lent. When I was a kid, we had to give up something because we were told to do so. Now as an adult I think about the 40 days with more care. I think about Jesus in that Garden, praying, afraid and basically alone. So 40 days without sweets and FaceBook is a walk in the park. A bit o history here.....I was born and raised Catholic. My entire family has been Catholic. Like many young people, when I left the confines of my home and headed out so did my 17 years of my religious upbringing. Church gave way to sleeping late, parties and hangovers. My kids were baptised but, (I am ashamed) I fell short on the their religious education and no they were not confirmed. Fast forward to to the last 5 years. I think it may have started with hanging out with Amy (a Nazarene), or it may have happened because we have a cool Priest who LOVES flowers. I am unsure of the catalyst, but I slowly have been changing my ways. Amy also had a deep faith in her church and during the early days of our friendship we would talk religion. She gave a a daily use Bible of which I almost have it read (don't ever get behind!). Now that I am on the back half of my life I want more than ever to get back into the good graces of my church. So the third part of my Lenten journey is to submit the paper work required so that Dennis and I can receive confession and Communion. (More on that later).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Following thru

It's 6:30 am on a monday morning. I now have been sitting at the computer for 45 mins and I am 15 mins away from having to log off. I am struggling with balance. I have an all or non mentality and am finding a very hard time with balancing the things that I enjoy vs the things that have to be done. There is something both good and bad about maintaining a strict schedule. I almost typed fairlystrict but the very fact that I nearly used "fairly" shows that I am not ready to commit to following the rules. For the longest time I had a pretty good handle on the schedule, however recently my little world has been rocked. My hubby who has been an over the road driver now is home every night. I have almost gotten over the loss of the remote but I will admit it's a bit hard at bedtime. I like a movie he likes that Earl show. It's funny, it used to take me about 2 mins to fall asleep, now that another show is on it takes me longer. I have no idea why. I used to walk every morning but now sometimes I stay in bed a bit longer as it's nice to be with Dennis. After my walk I would ran about the house and do some cleaning chores, now I have a cup of coffee and a game of hearts with Dennis. Then go to work, return home maybe have a bowl of cereal or a frozen dinner do a few more chores and then watch a bit of TV. Now I return from work, make dinner (not cereal) eat dinner, play another game of hearts then watch TV. What that all means is I'm gaining weight (no will power, NONE, nada), our home is more hairy and dusty, and I am feeling sorry about my self. What has been a good thing hanging out with my Poppy has shook my little world. See mention about willpower. So........I decided last night that I was going to fight for balance in my life, so why can't I have it all. Several years ago after a bout with depression and some professional consoling I learned that ultimately I and only I am in charge of my own ship, that as much as it's easier to blame others for our perceived short comings when it all comes down to it's up to me. So here I go, a schedule for me with a hearty promise to hold myself accountable. Times up and my 15 mins is done.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden Girls gone Wild

Yipeeeeee. I found my pictures. All it took was a bit of patience and voila. Years ago after moving to Shelbyville I met up with these gals. Karla (on left), (Marla on right), and Dizi (in the middle)Dizi was my cohort at work. We were much younger with younger kids and all the fun that goes with that. Somewhere before your 40th birthday and around the time you baby gets his drivers license gardening becomes a good idea. I happens when a pot of petunias just wont do ya any more. Gardening evolves with age. We started out touring gardens and garden shops looking for certain special varieties of hosta. Became overjoyed with the knockout and was over the top with the Endless summer hydrangea. From there adding a few spendy trees for winter interest. Saturday Lifetime movies gave way to HGTV and we became fairly sophisticated. We would go to shows on container gardens, special sales and lunch after. My 42nd birthday included a limo to do our fall shopping. That was fun, tuned up on Mimosa's, traveling down the highway to Springfield only to pull up to Prairie Gardens and have the chauffeur let us out. Then after a goodly amount of time he loaded our purchases (10 or so plants) back in the trunk and we were off. The limo was a birthday surprise from my hubby (cool huh). We have been together for years now. I don't get to make the trips anymore because of the flower shop. It's very hard to make any plans in this business, something always comes up. BUT these girls still invite me to everything, they haven't given up on me. We are friends. Just like the Steele Magnolia's. Lots in our lives have changed. Kids are grown, and some have kids of their own. We endured problems with those cute little minions, overcame them. Had boyfriends and girlfriends enter and leave their lives. Lost a parent. Got another grandbaby. Healed a sick kid, and sent one off to war. We get together less and less it seems. From several times a year to 3-4 times. But they are still the same girls. Ready to jump in at a moments notice and bail me out of a bind. God Bless these girls, their hubbies and their children. I love them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stop and see the Glitter

Since I can't find my new pictures here is one I dug up. Yes that's snow and ya'll know how I love the snow but, do you see the sparkles. No it's not the flash it's glitter. Here's the story. Amy and I took off one afternoon for some Holiday shopping. In the decoration aisle I found Martha Stewart Glitter. It comes in big bottles in really cool colors. I bought gold and limey green oh the things I can do with this beautiful glitter. Well anyway we got home late and I left the bags in the kitchen. Next day I lock up the dogs in the same room and head off to work, all long day at work only to arrive home turn on the light and what do I see...........green glitter everywhere over the floor on the dogs in sprinkles and in piles. I I grab the broom and begin to clean, carefully folding up the rug.. I took it out to shake it in the yard when it caught my eye. My yard sparkled, not just like new snow but a pretty green. So pretty I grabbed my camera and voila. It was kind of a mess but gosh it was pretty.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well it's an other good day in Cornland. My birthday came and went(sadly) and now it's the count down for my biggest birthday ever. The big 50. I don't mind getting older and I truly believe I will always feel this way however, I would hope I could finally get my crap together. In the following 362 days I plan to make great strides in my weak areas and hopefully get it together. Area 1: Balance. Big problem, big, big problem. I have had a problem with all or none almost my life. No, not standing a tight rope balance (altho that's pretty funny too). It's the ability to get everything in and still retain your mental status. Too much stuff in either direction well your off balance and well there is the tightrope thing. Perhaps a schedule. Yaya that's the ticket. I want to find time to get everything in or most things like writing everyday. I have mastered walking everyday. I get up around 4:30 and before I brush do any thing I walk the dogs. It is a sight to see, good thing it's dark as I haven't brushed my hair or washed my face. You see if I do that well I may become distracted and start something else. Anyway the dogs (x4) and I head out for a brisk walk, 2 on leashes 2 w/o. The grand pups follow fairly close and despit their big size they hardly ever scare a random " I can't sleep, I'll think I'll walk " people. Sometimes it can be exciting....a deer crossing the street or the other day Bear the biggest one found and brought me a wild kitty. There's a sight Kitten in mouth of dog, 3 others wanting a piece of the action and me in the middle trying to stop the freefor all. Success getting the dogs to drop the cat not so much for the cat. Well I am off for another big day. Tata Teri

Monday, September 14, 2009

Six Shopping Days

I can't find my pictures, they are some where in a file in this computer. Technology, it can be a good thing. It can be an infuriating thing too. I collect pictures, some of people, dogs and odd things. I take them as they are good blog material. I like to write in the morning and today I have a few extra minuets BUT I can't find my new stuff. This Saturday I got a new cell phone. My old one (given to me) has really small keys and I can't hit the number dial with my fake finger nails. The new one has a camera and a key board for texting. It took my son Dan to show me how to use it, today he will show me the camera. Anyway, I have held onto the opinion that cell phones are intrusive, rude and a regular pain in the ass. But in an effort to save money I will begin to carry this infernal thing. I never wanted to be that assessable to anyone. I mean really you can't even go to the grocery store without seeing at least 2/3 people talking away. What can be so important????? It has happened on more than one occasion that I stupidly thought someone was actually talking to me and after a moment of talking the person turns around and there tethered to their ear is that darned phone. The phone call is not to remind the receiver to pick up milk, no, the conversation goes something like......I'm at the store.....yes I saw them.......what happened yada yada. I should get used to it as it has been going on forever. Don't even get me started on texting, the ultimate in rudeness. Perhaps tomorrow or my next day I'll attack that. Lets not forget the good that modern technology has given us. Better health care! For that I am grateful.